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We identify your security vulnerabilities

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Our experts will help reduce risk
and optimize your security

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We help you understand your threat spectrum
and future-proof your systems

Bottom Line:

Piece of (i) will tell you what your security system “can do” but more importantly what it “can’t do!”

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Why Piece of (i)?

Security professionals with decades of experience in engineering, analysis, and design.

Proven performance based analysis methodology utilized by the United States and International Atomic Energy Agency and Sandia National Labs for the protection of the most critical assets.

Integrity in ALL business practices.

Immediately responsive to ALL customer needs.

REAL and PROVEN international experience

What is “Piece of (i)”?

Piece of (i) or probability of interruption is a quantifiable value of the probability that when a security event happens will the good guys stop the bad guys before they complete their objective. It is our job as experts to design a security solution that increases your security by improving Your Piece of (i).