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Piece of (i) provides a cutting edge security solutions to Home Owners’ Associations (HOA) with a focus on high definition surveillance video and video analytics.

Assessment First

With all customers, Piece of (i) begins with conducting a Security Risk Assessment. The security risk assessment empower organizations to make informed decision to improve  security and reduce their risk. Piece of (i) employs a rigorous assessment process developed by personnel from the national labs who helped secure some of the most critical facilities in the world. Empowered with an assessment from security professionals, community managers are better equipped to make the right investment in security counter-measures and know confidently that there money is being well spent.

Community & HOA Surveillance Solution

Piece of (i) Security Solutions provides a professionally engineered video surveillance solution that brings surveillance video from multiple to a centralized location for video viewing, analysis, storage, and retrieval.  This solution allows a minimum of 4 concurrent users including local, remote, and mobile viewing.  Video analytics, easy-to-use and navigate video management system, and secure remote access to live and archived video are also provided.

Security Solutions